Dr Anthony Ridge-Newman

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Book Chapters
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Conference Papers

Ridge-Newman A (2017) Comparative history of the Tories and new media, 1951-1964 and 2005-2016. PSA 67th AIC, Strathclyde University, Glasgow.

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Wider Media
Ridge-Newman A (2015) Celebrating the Spirit of Magna Carta 800 Years On: Human Rights, Runnymede Tories and Beyond. Dr Anthony Ridge-Newman blog [online]: http://ridgenewman.blogspot.co.uk/,11 June.

Ridge-Newman A (2015) American Civil Rights, Christianity and Channel 4?s Ku Klux Klan Documentary: #InsideTheKKK.
Dr Anthony Ridge-Newman blog, 14 July.

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Political Insight, PSA Blog [online]: https://www.psa.ac.uk/insight-plus/blog, 18 July.

Ridge-Newman A (2011) 
Britain needs a more proactive academic culture in which we reach out to the next generation of scholars. Impact Blog, LSE, 19 October. Awarded: ?The Best of the Web?, Higher Education Network, Guardian Media.