Dr Anthony Ridge-Newman

Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler -Albert Einstein


Anthony holds Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy (HEA)

Student Testimonials
Mr Kapoor, undergraduate student:

?The lectures were incredibly well presented and delivered in a thorough and engaging style. The tutorials were brilliantly laid out and it was by far one of the best courses I have taken throughout my time at the university.?

Ms Tabone, international masters student:

?Dr Anthony Ridge-Newman immediately struck me as the kind of lecturer who cares about his students' learning experience; he asks for students' feedback and continuously engages us in discussions during lectures. His vast knowledge in the area of political communication is evident in his lecturing, and without doubt this has made me acquire a deeper interest in this area of study.?

Ms Gustafsson, postgraduate student:

?Dr Ridge-Newman was a great asset due to his evident wealth of knowledge and his skills to transfer this to his students. One of Dr Ridge-Newman?s key strengths as a lecturer is his ability to intellectually stimulate his class by motivating discussion amongst students, alongside contributing with interesting facts and examples; thus making sometimes complex theories and issues more tangible. It is clear that Dr Ridge-Newman has a passion for teaching and that the academic development for students is in focus, and feedback has been prompt and constructive.?

Teaching Excellence

The following criteria outline the proportion of the 19 students on Anthony's masters course (2016) who agreed that (1) the course was intellectually stimulating ? 100%; (2) things were explained well ? 90%; (3) they were satisfied with the course ? 95%; (4) the course was engaging compared to others ? 100%.

Anthony has taught at the universities of Glasgow, London and Oxford at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. He has another six years teaching experience outside of universities.