Dr Anthony Ridge-Newman

Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler -Albert Einstein


Dr Anthony Ridge-Newman offers consulting services to external clients in analysis, implementation and planning, research and strategy.

Anthony invests his experience as both a practitioner and scholar in his consultancy work. He has direct experience in over six election campaigns; and in journalism with
Sky News, the US Geological Survey and as a news editor for a newspaper in North Carolina.

His work as a communications consultant, and role as head of communications, marketing and public relations for a UK business, has provided Anthony with a wealth of experience in public relations. He has helped secure positive coverage in leading UK broadsheets and designed and implemented a number of social media campaigns.

consulting experience includes a range of sectors, e.g. academia, arts, construction, government, media and communications, politics, property, science and technology. 

Consultancy services include:

  • Communications, Marketing and PR
  • Holistic Case and Comparative Analysis approaches
  • Management Consultancy and Business Coaching
  • Organisation and System Analysis 
  • Organisational and Technological Change
  • Quantitative and Qualitative Methods
  • Writing (text and publication)